10 year old Jessica Quachie is determined to play for Real Madrid


Just as in most parts of the world, Africa has its (unfair) share of people who still think women have no business being in sports. However, most women who believe they have a chance in the industry are waging a war against this mediocre group by participating in sports either as professional players/athletes or administrators.

It might be hard to conceive, but 10-year-old Jessica Quachie from Liberia is indirectly fighting the good fight by playing football and helping change perceptions through it.

(Photo: BBC)

Quachie was born in West Point, Liberia’s biggest slum community where she started playing football at the age of six. Speaking with BBC, she said playing with boys gives her energy, and it was in one of the street matches with boys in the neighborhood that she was spotted by the Monvrovia Football Academy.

In 2015, the academy took her in as a pupil and trainee. She quickly became a diamond in the rough, not minding that an overwhelming majority of the trainees in the academy are boys. In addition to tournaments in Liberia, she has played with boys in international competitions, like one in Abidjan which had football agents and scouts from 11 European clubs in attendance.

Although she won’t be joining any foreign club now due to FIFA’s ban on international transfers for players who are under 18, Quachie has had the privilege of showing off for scouts from Manchester United and AS Monaco.

Now able to read because of the education she’s getting through the academy, she’s working on becoming an excellent player. She also wants to make it clear that women can participate in sports and excel in them. Say whatever you will, Quachie is bent on achieving this through a career with her dream club, Real Madrid.

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