Entrepreneurship 101 – Virtual Summit Series – Los Angeles

Hey winner, ever thought about starting your own gig?  
Welcome to the Largest Virtual Networking Conference series in The World!  Our Virtual Summit Series offers the best virtual learning and networking opportunities available. This event will provide a modern overview of what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur in today’s business climate.  Our mission is to bring you the best live strategy sessions and networking opportunities at a fraction of the cost. No airfare, no lodging, no rental car, and no hotel food!
Welcome to Entrepreneurship 101 
Have you always done well at making other people money?  Thinking about going out on your own but don’t know where to start?  This is the place. We will discuss the specific skill set it takes to start your own company and succeed.  Curriculum in college environments is often outdated taught be people who have little to no “real world” experience.  Learn from top professionals who started in fresh industries and took it either national or global.

Life/Work Balance

Know You Are In The Right Business


Exit Strategy Basics


And much, much more…

Our events offer networking opportunity like never before.  Virtual attendees can grow their global network by utilizing our networking platform.  Imagine creating synergy with other like minded attendees before the event even starts.  Download contact info of other attendees and send instant messages to people you are interested in connecting with (at no time does WVC ever publish attendee info, attendees choose to opt in or not).  This is an opportunity to quickly grow your network with other people thinking about starting their own venture. There is no other virtual networking workshop like it in the world. Be a part of the virtual networking revolution!

Your Teacher:
Terry J. McMains is a business development consultant currently contracted with Addmi in their global expansion and advisor for Global Chamber New Mexico.  Terry started in water sustainability with no experience and within a decade was considered leading expert and resource throughout North America. Terry will provide real world examples of how the 5 keys are instrumental in understanding today’s entrepreneur.  



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