Do The Damn Thing: 5-Week Accountability Session for Feminist Creatives

Do The Damn Thing is a is a 5-week accountability group hosted by Run The World for feminist creatives to work on 3 goals (personal, political and business) and get real-time feedback from a strong, ambitious and supportive community.
Whether you’re a freelancer, business owner, or side hustler, we’d bet you’d benefit from some good old fashioned accountability and feedback. We provide the space for you to stop working in a silo and meet other creatives who are actively working towards their dreams.
At past Run The World events, women have:

Outlined the schedule for an upcoming retreat she was putting on for the first time

Wrote and performed a stand up comedy routine that she was putting off for 11 months

Designed the layout of a photography book documenting her South American travels

Created a flow chart and guide for how a group of women can out their sexual abuser online

And more!

About the venue:
We’re honored to host Do The Damn Thing at The Riveter — a female forward workspace and community designed for business and impact. Their bold, collaborative spaces give you the latitude to think big. Cultivate your skills and share your expertise, grow your networks, and fuel your mind, body and soul. They aren’t a private social club, they welcome men and allies into their membership and their movement to empower all women everywhere. The Riveter is the platform where the trail of shattered glass shines brighter every day.
+ Ample Street Parking
+ 6 Minute Walk from Bundy Expo Line
Do The Damn Thing is a 5-week series, happening from 3 – 6 every Wednesday from September 12 – October 10. Full list of dates follows:

September 12 
September 19
September 26
October 3
October 10

About the Organizer: 
Run The World was created by Ashley Rose Hogrebe after the #metoo movement started and I was getting tired of only talking to my friends about the hard stuff — the harassment we encounter on a almost daily basis, the struggles of being a women in the workforce, being second guessed when we shared our stories … the list goes on.
(Those conversations are necessary and I continue to have them, but some space was good for all of our mental health!)
I wanted to create a spacewhere we gave ourselves the permission to put those conversations aside and let our dreams and ideas and projects take center stage.Powerful things happen when women support each other’s ideas and lift each other up. Call Your Girlfriend calls it the Shine Theory — if I shine, you shine, — and I couldn’t agree more.
When women come together and support each other, magic happens. I hope you can join us.



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