CEO2CEO: Put the Pedal to the Metal!


Your company.

Your meeting.

Your topics.

Your way.

You and two members of your team are invited to a tailored planning session just for your company, where together we can solve your most pressing issues in the real estate industry.

Your road to momentum can be customized around your needs:

Rethink you research process

Address affordability constraints

Learn unique solutions for economic challenges

Hear market-by-market analysis

Consider acquisition opportunities

You will have our smartest experts at your disposal during this half-day meeting. A sampling of your Meyers Research team that day may include:

Jeff Meyers, Daredevil

Tim Sullivan, Market & Strategy Expert

Ludmilla Schappert, Zonda Driver

Mollie Carmichael, Consumer & Product Expert

Ali Wolf, Economist

Kimberly Byrum, Multifamily Expert

Your time is valuable. We will race a Porsche 911 on the Experience Track in LA, break bread together and brainstorm on how to solve for homebuilding’s most pressing issues. This invitation is non-transferable.

See you soon on the track!

Jeff Meyers, President, Meyers Research

Agenda*: 00:30 – Porsche Track Registration02:30 – Welcome and Strategy Planning01:30 – Race a Porsche 91101:30 – Lunch

*The agenda indicates length of time for activities which may be shifted in order based on the date and time selection you choose. To optimize daytime light, October events will be 8:00 – 2:00 PM for mornings and 11:30 – 5:30 PM for evening selection. November and December events will be 7:00 – 1:00 PM for mornings and 10:30 – 4:30 PM for evening selections.

Registration Questions:

If you have questions regarding the event, please email to Q0VPMkNFTyB8IG1leWVyc2xsYyAhIGNvbQ==; or call Amy Dudley at (714) 623-4446.


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