PSAT/SAT & ACT PREP (Math) Perfect for all middle and High School Students

Study shows that when taking the ACT/SAT and PSAT students typically mostly struggle on the Math portion of the test. This reason can vary from a student having learning deficits in math, struggling with the foundational skills, having test anxiety to students being unfamiliar with the process of eliminating multiple choice answers in a problem. Through my 4-week tutoring program, I will provide instruction and supports which will address these concerns as well as others. Preparing students for these assessments leads to college scholarships and entrance into desired universities. Students will work on assignments and modules outside of the tutoring course to practice skills through Google Classroom as well. This course is designed for both Middle and High School students to give them exposure to these standardized assessments.

(8 students PER session) SMALL GROUP SETTING

Saturday: January 5, 2019

Saturday: January 12, 2019

Saturday: January 19, 2019

Saturday: January 26, 2019

Sessions will go from the following times: 10:30am-11:30am, 12pm-1pm and 1:30pm-2:30pm

Sessions will be held at the Culver City Library:

4975 Overland Ave

Culver City, CA 90230


During this week we will cover the following:

-Q and As

-Test pricing

-Success rate of test

-How/When/How to Prepare for the Test

-College Requirements

-Test dates and registration

-Dealing with test anxiety

-A breakdown of the structure of the test

-Formulas you may need for the test

-Look at practice foundation skills needed with practice problems

-Look at the areas/types of problems where students struggle the most

-Look at how to successfully answer multiple choice questions and how they are structured.


MATH CALCULATION: During this session we will focus on sample problems that consist of using math calculation skills, formulas students may need for testing and work on sample problems. Students will review instruction and feedback on sample problems to understand (1) The concept of the problem, (2) The purpose for each multiple choice answer (3) How to make the correct selection

(Algebra/Algebra 2)


MATH REASONING (FREE RESPONSE): During this time we will be working on the application portion of the problems that students will see on the test. These problems will consist of word problems in which students will have to interpret, set up and solve problems using their critical thinking skills as well as write responses. During this time instructor will work the through: (1) Concept the problem is covering (2) How to set the problem up (3) Interpretation/Making sense of and answering the problem.

(Algebra 2, Geometry, Statistics, Data Analysis)


During this week we will take the official practice portion of the test. Students will be given 30 minutes for the portion and the remaining time will be dedicated to self-grading, dissecting the questions and explaining the correct responses.

(via Email for session 4 participants) Students will have assessment analyzed with feedback for each problem (for students/parents). In addition, students will be given a report that will consist of areas of strength/concerns and progress goals for the student to focus on.


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