Salesforce online Training in Los Angeles-Jan 9th-Feb 11th,2019


Salesforce is an accomplished cloud computing company with one of the best CRM products on the market today. They offer Web CRM tools that are handier and less costly than mainstream CRM software.  It offers a plethora of CRM products and tools that will aid the companies in efficiently streamlining the way they connect with customers and prospects, and help grow revenue. It can also be accessed on mobile, guaranteeing maximum ease of use.

Advantages of Salesforce

Salesforce Professionals are Most Sought-After

Salesforce is Customer Focused

Salesforce Professionals earn more than non-certified peers

Topics covered in this training course:

         CRM Fundamentals
 Vanilla Process and Getting Around the App

         Setting Up Your organization and user Interface

         Security and Data Access

         Customization: Objects and Fields

         Managing Data

         Reports and Dashboards

         Introduction to Force.IDE

         Taking Your Application Public with


         Apex and Data

         Visualforce Pages

         Extended Visual Force Components and controllers

         Email Services and Translation workbench with

 Why Train with Strategism?


o    You are ensured with the best certification trainings on the latest software technologies in the marketplace with Strategism.

o    Our Salesforce training course is specifically designed to aid you in becoming a Certified Salesforce professional.

o  We will strengthen your resume.

    We will provide you with real world cases to help you better understand how to customize Salesforce applications and business processes along with better workflow automation, data sets and more.

o    We will help you create better reports and dashboards.

o    We will thoroughly prepare you for the Salesforce ADM 201 exam and make sure that you pass the exam with flying colors.

  Have more questions,

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