3 Kinds of People You Need on Your Startup Team


If you’re a founder looking to hire a new team for your startup, never forget that to a large extent, the people you hire will determine the success of your business. It then behooves on you to actively create the kind of team you deserve. One that will not only contribute to the success of your startup, but you also enjoy working with.

Here are 3 kinds of people that you must hire if you seriously want to run a successful startup.


1. The Innovator

At the heart of exceptional entrepreneurship is innovation and only creative people can make this happen. These kind of people are simply opportunists who love novelty. They crave new and complex experiences and seek viable solutions to them.

The Innovator is solely dedicated to finding new ways to doing the same old things. He or she is hardly convinced that the tried-and-true way is the best one. Whatever chance they get, they thrive to bring a fresh perspective to doing things. Ironically though, not every idea they introduce would be practical, but the Innovator’s dedication is exactly what your startup needs.


2. The Communicator

Communicators have an impressively strong skill for connecting with not only the team, but also with clients. They tend to be very friendly, warm, approachable, and responsive. The Communicator sole purpose is to get everyone on the same page by initiating open and transparent dialogues. They help to keep the team on track by facilitating the transfer of ideas and messages.

This team member is excellent at to using his/her connections and networks to mobilize resources and build strong alliances, both internally and externally. 


3. The Motivator

In the world of business, vision needs to match leadership. This is because, no matter how creative an idea is, people sometimes need to be propelled towards a successful implementation. Without some motivation, you may be unable to build and empower teams, or keep them productive after attaining success. This is where the Motivator comes in.

It may prove almost impossible to face challenges in your startup head on when you have team members who  are lethargic. In order to remain productive and resilient, there should be someone on your team that is always optimistic. Motivators are known to spread positivism across a team, keep everyone, including the founder, excited about the future of a project.

In conclusion, there is no point in just having a list of breakthrough ideas for your startup – what matters is having the right people who are to willing to seek better perspectives, establish meaningful connections, and act with the drive of achieving set goals.

Startups don’t become successful on their own – you need the right people on your team.


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