5 Must-Have Apps For The Busy Professional


Ah, professional life…

There’ll be business meetings. There’ll be deals to clinch. There’ll be letdowns. And there’ll be times when you’d feel like your big dreams are finally about to happen.

Just like with everything else, career-building on the page takes work. ‘Climbing the career ladder’ may be a hugely popular phrase, but that doesn’t mean you can slum it and expect to make it big.

So since the year’s still new, we’d like to share 5 apps to help you craft the most efficient professional experiences you possibly can.


1. Pocket

When scrolling through the web, one of the greatest distraction is seeing something you find interesting, and just gong ahead to read it, forgetting your original intention or task that made you go online.

Instead of wasting so much time on news and articles at a time when you should be busy with something else, Pocket helps you save it for a later time.  Pocket, a Read It Later service, is a great offline reading tool that allows you to select and save articles, pictures and videos for later viewing. Tempted to go for a funny video in place of your work, then put it in your Pocket.



2. Buffer

If one of your many tasks include managing a social media account, then you should be using Buffer. Many times, going on social media just to make a post would end up burning so much of your time, because you can get tempted to just scroll on when you should be doing other tasks.

Buffer, an application for the web and mobile, is designed to manage accounts in social networks, by providing the means for a you to schedule posts to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


3. Google Keep

Google Keep is ideal for quick note-taking on the go. There are times when you suddenly remember that there’s something you need to work on immediately you get to the office. How about jotting it down? Google Keep lets you quickly take and save those notes, photos, voice memos, and checklists to Google Drive, and then access them again on any other web-connected device you use.

With Google Keep, you can jot work notes while you’re at home or in transit, then like magic, it’s there waiting for you on my browser at work. Or, when you’re about to head out to an appointment, you can add info like addresses or directions on your laptop so I can access them on the road.


4. Trello

As a busy professional, you’ll definitely not be seated at your workplace all the time. Meetings and events can take you out. While you’re out, how do you ensure all projects in the office are actually being done? Do you spend time on the road, and forget all about the office till you get there?

You can actually save time with this project management app, Trello. Whether you’re organizing work projects, family chores, travel plans, or just about anything else, the awesome project management tool makes collaboration easy and fun. Monitor all tasks, drop comments, see what ongoing and what has been completed.


5. EchoSign

Of all the apps, this one would be perfect for you if some of your daily tasks include signing deals and contracts. Printing, signing, scanning, and emailing documents takes too much time out of your busy day. Sometimes, you might even be stuck in a traffic, and unable to do all that.

Adobe’s EchoSign is an app that lets you digitally sign and send contracts. It lets you access, receive, and send documents without the hassle of looking through piles of paperwork.



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