A lifetime experience

What a lovely white Christmas! Don’t know about you, but I don’t mind the snow at all. It’s what winter is all about! Brings our Christmas songs to life & hubby and I love it! (For a period of time at least!) We travel to Cape Town for today’s blog, chosen by you, our readers. South Africa was runner up in your votes and will be taken in two parts: Cape Town for this months’ feature and Johannesburg next month. There was far too much to cram into 1 blog. So, where do I begin! Firstly, a massive thank you to my cousin in-law, Chloe Benson for choosing a magical location for her wedding (Johannesburg, which is where we started our trip, and ended with Cape Town). I hadn’t really thought about any African countries for travelling, so this was a complete delight! I remember our trip to Nice (Cote d’azur) last year, Chloe assured me I’d prefer Cape Town due to the seafront vibes, and at that point, I was a bit ominous, but boy was she right! Cape Town blew my mind. Now, hubby and I are fairly well travelled, seeing some great places; from Mauritius, to Montego Bay, to Geneva, Venice, and many more; but Cape Town I think, is at the top of our best destinations so far. For hubby too – a Nigerian man through & through – even he had to begrudgingly admit that Cape Town, indeed, was far ahead of his beloved home town! Knowing we were travelling to Cape Town, we were fortunate to grab a great hotel deal (5* Radisson Blu) right on the Sea Point. Just steps away we had the ocean at our feet. You’ll find a video below of hubby recording me in my total element. Now, I…

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