Affordable & fun. Yes to Malta!

Thank you all for your votes. Malta was a great win; especially as it’s such an affordable, hidden gem to choose a getaway. Just a few hours’ flight away, it’s great for those even with a fear of flights! My sister and I (and now we’ve dragged my husband into the clan!) love to travel as you know. We’d love to see the world. So how does one pick? Simply have a world map on your wall, close your eyes, and randomly pick a spot. That’s somehow how Malta came about. A great, cheap, local destination to celebrate my brother in laws’ birthday. It wasn’t a “must go to” destination, but certainly a “we’re ticking off another trip off our world list”. And it didn’t disappoint. If you like a good level of accommodation, then I would advise 5* minimum. Why? Because 5* is affordable out in Malta, but, as we tragically found out, 3* was far below standard. On arrival, I, my now husband, sister and brother in-law had to leave our pre-booked accommodation (we didn’t even last 10 minutes) in search of another hotel. And boy were we glad. Just a straight walk from Sleima to St Julien’s bay, we found Le Meridian (a brand that hubby & I now love, thanks to Malta!). The hotel was absolutely lush and a great way to celebrate my brother in law’s 30th 4 years ago. Easiest thing is to get the hop-on hop-off bus. Takes you round the whole town. Personally I’d avoid staying in Bugibba – it’s the typical tourist location. St Paul’s Bay or St Julian’s being the best. St Julien’s is also great for a night out. Why not also try horse and carriage when in Valletta, but make sure they drop you back at your destination!…

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