After 3 failed IVFs, lady with shut tubes, gives birth through natural conception 


A twitter user, Omotosho Abiodun has just shared a story of how God moved in his sister’s life.

According to him, she has been married for 7 years and trying to get pregnant but no luck.

“They said her tubes were shut. No remedy, only IVF could work. 3 failed IVF attempts. I remember the last one being aborted on December 25 2016. Tubes still shut. No IVF. ”

But then God showed up!

“She gave birth last week. GOD SHOWED UP.Through it all my sister remained so positive and thankful to God. I couldn’t get how. Almost like she was living in a different world. Now we all thanking God with her. God is great”

Recall that earlier this week, A U.S based Nigerian lady, Christiana, who suffered 2 miscarriages in 18 months just became a mum for the first time after the mishap.

According to Christiana, she was confused because she couldn’t bear having miscarriages anymore, when the doctor told her she was pregnant again. Here’s what she wrote;

“How do I describe the joy within me,this pics says it all for me..a year n a half year of two explanation based on my age n test done on me.
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When doctor told me was pregnant of my baby I became confuse cos I can’t bear losing another baby making it three in two years but one thing kept me going,my GOD said is there anything absolutely anything too hard for him to was just his word in my life against all a living witness 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌and Hey she’s so cute. 💁💁💁💁💁

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