Antoine Griezman Rejects Mourinho’s Call; Literally


Manchester United fans the world over are on the edge of their seats regarding the potential arrival of Antoine Griezmann this summer, but has the Atletico Madrid man dropped a hint that he will not accept Jose Mourinho‘s call?

In a video posted on his official Twitter account on Wednesday, Griezmann takes part in an advertisement for Chinese technology company Huawei, during which the striker declines a call from “‘Jose” in favour of accepting a fan’s request for a photo.

Griezmann himself admits that his future is not in his own hands and would be happy to stay at Atletico, but reports claim Man Utd have already reached an agreement with the player and that they are now merely trying to cut the cost of the player’s release clause.

Regardless, it all seems like a tad too much of a coincidence that the Frenchman rejected a call from Mourinho’s namesake. Make up your own mind after watching the full video below


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