Apply: Ecobank FinTech Challenge 2018 for Programmers and Developers in Africa


Ecobank is calling on all developers and innovators with bright ideas for financial technology to share their vision of creating Africa’s next big FinTech solution with them. Up to $500, 000 will be won by technopreneurs who successfully pitch the most interesting and viable solutions.

About the Challenge:

Ecobank is challenging Africa’s new generation of entrepreneurs to find lasting solutions to the continents’s most pressing banking issues. Submit your entries in one or more of their key areas of interest for a chance to win up to $500,000. Top teams will be selected to pitch at the banks’s Innovation Fair, which will be held at the global headquarters of Ecobank in Lome in May, 2018.

Eligible Fields:

Teams are to submit applications addressing one or more of the following challenges:

  • Digital Onboarding/ Account Opening/ KYC
  • Remmittances
  • Digital Sales/ Marketing
  • Offline Mobile to Mobile Payments (Dead Zones)
  • Multi-Channel Corporate Payments/ Collections Ecosystems
  • SME Intra-Africa Trade Platform


  • All African Startups and technology innovators are eligible to apply for the challenge. They are to choose from different areas of interest as listed on the website and build a demo to serve as prototype — applicants without would be disqualified.
  • The application is open to both teams and individuals.
  • Teams can submit solutions for more than one challenge but are limited to only one entry per challenge (“Entry”).
  • Individuals are not allowed to participate in multiple teams. Switching teams after applying is not allowed. Ecobank will cover travel and accommodation costs for up to two participants from each team.


A total of 20 teams will be selected for the Ecobank FinTech Challenge event (“Event”), which will be held at the global headquarters of Ecobank in Lome in May, 2018.

How to Apply:

Interested applicants can apply here.

Application Deadline:

 17th May, 2018


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