Arewa, Igbo Youths caution agitators against unguarded utterances

In a bid to resolve the brewing tension orchestrated by Biafra agitations and the subsequent quit notice to Igbos, Arewa Youth Peace and Development Initiative and Coalition of Igbo Patriots For United Nigeria met northern stakeholders to discuss how to achieve peace and reconciliation.

In a communique issued and signed by Alhaji Haruna Abdullahi Maikano and Maryam Isah at the end of a two-day meeting in Kaduna, the coalition of northern and Igbo groups urged the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPoB) and the Arewa Youth Consultative Forum to desist from all unguarded utterances that continue to overheat the polity and give peace a chance.
According to the groups, Nigeria is one indivisible country, therefore, they must do all within their legitimate means to preserve her peace and unity.
While acknowledging the sacrifices made by the founding fathers in order to preserve the nation’s peace, unity and progress, the communiqué said, “We must therefore not allow people with poor knowledge of our history sow the seeds of disunity in order to cause disaffection within us.

“We denounce all rhetoric of war, hate and threats and warn all unpatriotic elements to henceforth desist and give peace a chance for the peace and progress of our nation.
 “Henceforth, we urge the security agencies to live up to their duties and apprehend all elements desirous of causing confusion in the country and make them face the full wrath of the law.”

The groups, however, commended the federal government under the leadership of the Acting President, for the ongoing consultations with major stakeholders across the country aimed at restoring peace and confidence.

The groups further stated, ”We fully support all efforts of the Federal and state governments i efforts at dousing the tensed political atmosphere.
“The Arewa Youth Peace and Development Initiative and the Coalition of Igbo Patriots for United Nigeria will support every step 0of these efforts at promoting Peace and Reconciliations all across the country.
“We shall continue these Consultations with major stakeholders of the Nigerian project for the purpose of peace building and reconciliation.
“We thank the Leadership of Arewa Consultative Forum, HRH Mallam Mohammed Ibrahim OFR, Mni, Makaman Ringin and the Ezeigbo of Kaduna state for their warm welcome of the move aimed at peacebuilding and reconciliations and for their words of advice and wisdom.
“We urge all other stakeholders to embrace this peace and reconciliation move in order to fulfill that second stanza of our national anthem which states that ‘though tongue and tribe may differ, in brotherhood we stand.”

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