Being a governor is not easy, sometimes I feel like running away – El-Rufai

Being a governor is not easy, sometimes I feel like running away – El-Rufai

Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El-Rufai has stated that he sometimes feel like running away from governing the people.

El-Rufai made this known while speaking at an election summit organised by the Kaduna State Peace Commission.

The governor who is seeking re-election in 2019 said he would accept defeat if he loses and would hurriedly pack out of the government house.

“Let me first speak as the governorship candidate of the APC. Our party is committed to peace and peaceful elections. The political parties that merged into the APC were victims of rigged elections and the consequential violence that came with it.

”It is the rigging of elections that leads to violence. It was the massive rigging of the elections in 2011 that led yo the wide spread violence at that time and Kaduna state alone, lost over 800 lives.

“As the candidate of the APC, I am saying here and now that I am in a hurry to park out of the government house if the people do not vote for me. I will be the first to concede and I want to tell all that want to be governor that it is not an easy job… I want to run away.

“It is just that when I look at those that want to be governor and what they have done to the state in the past, I have a duty to protect the state, the ordinary people of the state from the evils of past.”


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