Biafra in hands of IPOB is all noise and no substance – Facebook User


One Chukwugozie on Facebook has poured out his heart and come for the modern day Biafran Agitators, calling them out for bashing Novelist, Chimamanda Adichie!Chimamanda Adichie who came out openly to debunk statements that she called herself a Biafran, received it hot from Ndi Igbos, with some calling her unprintable names… Chukwugozie wrote:Biafra Is More of Ideology not just a geographical entity… On Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s page, the lady merely debunked some quotes attributed to her where she allegedly declared herself a ‘Biafran’. She wrote that those quotes didn’t come from her. Scores of frustrated Biafran urchins swarmed her page, raining abuses and insults on her. They called her all manner of deregatory names. This is a brave woman whose literary prowess projected Ndi Igbo and their struggles on the global map. This gives you an insight into the kind of characters at the forefront of today’s Biafra agitation. Biafra in hands of IPOB is all noise and no substance. Empty! Apart from capitalizing on Nigeria’s structural injustice, claiming to have a mandate from a certain ‘Chukwuokikeabiama’ and raining down insults on anyone who dares disagree with them, it is devoid of national core values. The three opposing brafra groups (MASSOB, IPOB and ZFB there is no coherent national discourse with these folks. No coherent ideology. No national roadmap. No articulated vision. But no doubt, they are having a field day. Buhari, with his crass ineptitude and sectional politics of 97% vs 5%, emboldened IPOB and legitimized them in the eyes of many. We shall see how far this will go.


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