Bobrisky wears thong bikini (Photos)

Bobrisky wears thong bikini (Photos)

Nigerian cross dresser and self acclaimed publicist, Bobrisky has been spotted rocking two pairs of thong bikini. It was gathered that the photos were meant as a marketing strategy for a brand

Bobrisky shared the photos on his social media page, flaunting his assets

Bobrisky whose real name is Idris Okuneye is known for his somewhat crazy personalty and his cravings for feminine features and lifestyle

Desperate for fame, attention, money, and female attributes, Bobrisky has shared photos of himself with “boobs” upon taking some pills and appears to look more feminine by the day.

Though caught in a series of lies, he remains unperturbed with a self esteem which appears to wax stronger each passing day. His personalty on social media could be described as enviable, as he commands a huge social media presence

Check out photos from the thong bikini photo shoot


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