It’s official, join The Gift of Infertility book signing event on Saturday, 9th September at Laterna Bookstore, Victoria Island, Lagos.

You can register to attend this event at



A divine gift always bears fruit and recreates other gifts. This book is not about fruitfulness but the gift of infertility. It is the gift that manifests or is revealed as a result of your personal trials, tribulations and experiences. The essence of your struggle. The reason behind your seasons and cycles of issues, problems and challenges. The diamond in the dirt. God’s purpose is bigger than our pain. The world needs your divine gift.
Infertility could manifest in many areas of life such as your Career, Business, Family, Ministry, Nation, Marriage, Health and Spiritual Life. A major consequence of infertility of any kind is the tendency to paralyse other aspects of your life, sometimes isolating you even from destiny helpers. Yielding yourself to the Holy Spirit is key to resolving the issue and receiving your gift.
This journey can start from a particular location but could take you through various stages, seasons, relocations, and divine connections before the manifestation of your gift. In the book you’ll see accounts of people who received their gift of infertility and fulfilled their destiny. You can too!

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