Buhari does not deserve a second term – Junaid Mohammed

A lawmaker of the Second Republic, Junaid Mohammed has said that President Muhammadu Buhari has not done enough to seek re-election into power.
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The lawmaker in an interview with Vanguard said President Buhari does not deserve a second term.
Mohammed said he is yet to see any evidence that the present administration led by President Buhari has done enough for an average Nigerian.
He said: “I have not seen evidence as a Nigerian, who goes to the market that the life of the average Nigerian is getting better. It is either these governors have their ambition or maybe they are beginning to think of what they can do.”
‘’They are making noise as if 2019 is achievable on the pages of Newspapers. I have no objection to any politician having an ambition or a politician who is trying to play games with our own situation.
“In the case of APC, we have not seen any clear sign that they are serious or they mean business,” Mohammed said.
Citing a remark made by an All Progressives Congress chieftain, Mohammed said it is important for the party to allow for an open candidacy in 2019.
He said: “Politics has never been a rational game in Nigeria. Sometimes people vote in Nigeria because of primordial sentiment and geopolitics. It is unfortunate, it stifles our democracy and makes it impossible to have a national dialogue.
“I have known Buhari for more than 47 years.

‘’Flying a kite is a legitimate trick. I have known Buhari for more than 47 years. I knew him in 1967 during the civil war. I think if Buhari were to fly a kite about re-election, I don’t think he would do it with the governors of Kogi and Benue states,” Mohammed added. 


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