Chioma and Davido go on make up date night in London

Chioma and Davido go on make up date night in London

Some fans are basking in the euphoria of the love between Chefchi and Davido as shortly after their slight couple’s quarrel, the two step out in style for a make up date night

It was earlier reported that Chioma had walked out on David who was obviously pissing her off, for some reason

It happened that there was a viral you-tube video capturing Davido’s girlfriend, Chioma Avril Rowland, lashing out on him yesterday afternoon in London

It appeared that she was in no mood for the singer over an undisclosed issue, however, Davido was heard telling his friend to tell her that he is international

Wanting to salvage the situation, his unnamed friend decided to make the now viral video with the hope that the assurance bae would cheer up but she wasn’t having any of it as she was heard saying ” Leave me alone…”, walking away from him angrily

As predicted by fans, it was nothing out of the ordinary and your favorite celebrity couple are back and rolling!


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