Couple welcomes two babies in 2017 just 11 months apart (Photos)

A young couple welcomed two babies in the same year. Both babies were born in 2017 just 11 months apart.
Mum Beth Evans, 21, reportedly gave birth to her first child, Haydn, on January 7. Then on December 8, she gave birth to a baby girl Tilly. Tilly should have been born in 2018 but she arrived four weeks early.
Beth and her fiancé Liam Hale, 20, see the double arrival as a blessing and are now looking forward to a doubly special Christmas Day spent with their tiny bundles of joy.
“Christmas this year feels so special as it is my first Christmas being a mother,” said hairdresser Beth, who lives with her family in Clydach Vale in the Rhondda Valley.
“It is also surreal seeing blue and pink ‘baby’s first Christmas’ baubles on our tree. For both of their first Christmases we will be taking it easy and will be spending a lot of time with our family as they are both still so young.”
It’s little over a week since Tilly’s birth and Beth and Liam are adjusting to life with two babies.
Beth said: “We wake up and I will feed and change Tilly and Liam will feed, bath and change Haydn – or vice versa. We tend to take turns. As for nappy changing, whoever smells the stinky nappy first has to deal with it – however I sometimes pretend that I can’t smell anything so Liam is often dealt the short straw!
“Haydn has a mid-day nap every day which allows us to catch up on housework, washing, walking the dog and, unfortunately, assignments for Liam. Tilly sleeps pretty much all of the time because she is still so young.I am one of those very fortunate mums who get a lot of help and support from my partner. And I never really ask him to do much because being a father comes naturally to him anyway.”
As for more children, Beth says they don’t have any plans yet.
“At the moment there are none on the cards because we are so happy and content with our little family. However we will never say never as we are both still so young.”


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