Damilola Mike-Bamiloye talks about his battle with sexual immorality


Damilola Mike-Bamiloye talks about his battle with sexual immorality

Damilola Mike-Bamiloye, first son of Mount Zion’ films’ Mike Bamiloye has just told an interesting story of how he overcame sexual immorality with God’s word.

Read his testimony below:
My Life is a testimony; a testimony of a young man God delivered from Lust.I always thought it was impossible to stay clean, to be truly holy. Let’s face it, how can a “hot lady” with tempting features walk pass and you won’t look twice? To make matters worse Jesus classifies that simple look of ‘admiration’ as fornication of the heart. “Whaaaat!?” So I concluded, the standards of Jesus are too high.Little did I know these were the lies of the devil to drag me deeper and deeper into immorality.

Only God could have done this! My girl’s life was spared…

Deliverance hit me when I realized the truth. It was the truth that set me free. The truth is in God’s word.I was weak when I feasted my eyes on what pleased my flesh but now I am strong when I feast my eyes on the power of God’s word.On my own I couldn’t overcome sexual immorality but when I allowed God’s word flood my heart it became a serpent and scorpion that I tread upon easily.This is my story, this is my testimony. True freedom is in God’s Word.

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