Domestic Violence victim cries out on ill treatment from husband


Domestic Violence victim cries out on ill treatment from husband

The issue of Domestic violence among st married men and women cannot over emphasized especially with the increasing number of reports from the unfortunate trend. While some women decide to wallow in the pain and give excuses for their suffering, others prefer to walk out for safety.

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An unidentified Anambra based woman has had her story shared by DPA after she cried for help over a prevailing domestic violence and cheating which has turned her once happy marriage, sour.

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According to the victim who has five kids for her husband already, she is forced to beg for sex and endures a series of beatings from her once true love who has resorted to having sexual intercourse wih married women residing in their compound

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She painfully recounted on a sad occurrence which entails her husband beating her to a pulp whilst in pregnancy despite the fact that he wedded her traditionally

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See her message here;


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