Episode #3: This Generation of Tech Mothers


Apparently, there are just 2 generations of mothers in Nigeria – “Our mothers’ generation” and “This generation of mothers”. Just two. That’s how we all say it. I think it’s in the constitution.

Regardless of the age of the person saying it, we somehow get the point. Funny.

Most times it’s just metaphoric for older and newer generation mums. Other times, it’s really not necessary.

This episode of “Tech As We Know It” is dedicated to “This Generation of Mothers”.  #ifyouknowyouknow.

“Soft work”

Mothers in this wonderful age of tech, are of course users of technology as it aids planning and organizing. From carrying out tasks like shopping for foodstuff online (saving time, energy and in the long run cost), to more simplified but yet organic details of setting reminders on their devices, tech is really a “handy” tool for these mums.

Capturing the image of motherhood

Documenting motherhood has become easier than it was in the past because it all can be preserved in galleries, clouds, stores or drives instead of baby books or journals. (Well, the documenting actually starts from their pre-wedding shoot but it’s fine).

Yes, this set of mummies are responsible for producing children who have most of their photos in devices and not albums.

The joy of motherhood selfies

Selfies with the children would usually flood the galleries (sometimes a lock screen saver) and tabs.

Interestingly, GDGs (gum, drool and giggle) babies have also become certified selfie posers.

Once the front camera is set, the smile is revealed.

When these mummies aren’t sharing photos of their little ones, they are sharing a lot of work related photos, Sunday slaying outfits, travel visits, or professionally taken baby bumps.

Fathers these days (their husbands) seem to be taking over or have taken over in some cases with the parent-selfie game.

I think excited first time fathers take the trophy on this one though. What do you think?

Public Announcement! Calling on all aunties, may I have your attention?

Aunt: dictionary definition –(i) the sister of one’s father or mother or the wife of one’s uncle.

(ii) an unrelated adult female friend, especially of a child.

In reality: a mischief selfie taker with a section of her photo gallery dedicated to these nieces or nephews. Especially when it’s her sister’s.

Often rotating the upload of these babies to their profile photos, you would find more photos and skits when scrolling through their timelines or pages on social media.

Ello aunties, please is it your baby? Are they your children?

Signed: Association of concerned friends and jealous distant relatives

We love them all the same.

The Gram

The gram is that app for tech mums. A breakdown of these posts for Instamoms includes:

pictures of their muses accompanied with “mummy” posts,

share “cute” videos of bants and exploits; or

matching outfits with their “mini-mes”;

take you through what 60 seconds of their daily lives look like with the little ones.


An old African adage explains that it takes a village to raise a child and the job of a mother is never really done, so it is important to be abreast of issues when raising children. Mothers always have questions to ask.

It can be admitted that access to verifiable information or findings on children regarding some needs from authoritative health professionals and books may have been limiting some decades ago. As such, some mothers of old were victims of old wives’ tale gone wrong.

With knowledge gained from searches on authoritative findings and books concerning children on the internet, these mums are better informed – or should be.

The Social Networkconnecting mums one child at a time

Social media has also helped mothers share in the motherhood bond; where on certain platforms, groups or profiles, they can:

discuss issues relating to developmental stages and trends in children,

create awareness regarding certain childhood related issues or ailments,

share funny/challenging motherhood stories,

and cooking recipes.

MoM Answers

Quick question though: Are there sites like that for dads? I’d really love to know.

Social working mama

The joys of motherhood have been taken a step further to creating brands for mothers who through the journey of life and work have set up platforms to take viewers/subscribers through that journey on vlogs or channels.

For these entrepreneurial working mamas, social media serves as a great platform to showcase products or services rendered.

The i needtokeepthisbabyengaged Pads

Tabs and pads are usually very effective tools for these mothers. They have their kiddies’ favourite songs, games, puzzles and videos in there. In fact, a lot of mothers have had to dedicate older iPads to these kids to access whenever they can.

Someone cannot be repairing phone screen and work iPad screen all the time.

Home Working mums

No, this is not specifically referring to stay-at home mums (SAHM), this is referring to you doing supervising with homework.

Away from the era of home works restricted to workbooks, some findings you could help out with, or at most the art & craft; the range of these “projects” (yes, that’s what they’ve become because the volume of work these days cannot be classified as homework again) now require the internet.

And their husbands feel the same way too as they aren’t left out of homework duties.

Children are required by their schools to search extensively on assignments or projects given which would usually require your guidance on the type of content they surf through using the internet (also because you want to ensure the safety of your tab). In fact, a lot of schools now make these assignments available for download on the school’s website.

One would suspect these schools give them these assignments on purpose actually, just so you’re unavoidably part of it.

Not only are these assignments available for download but school reports too.

Children of these days are trying o, imagine your parents being able to access your school reports online. Even to allow your mumsi check JAMB result sef back in the day, we were telling stories.

The Professional!

It’s safe to say women over the years have worked in tech industries or at least tech related industries. However, these mommas now work in mainstream tech firms and organizations as there are increasing numbers of female software developers and more participation of these women in tech.

Moms In Tech @moms_tech

Child interaction and safety

Parents get to keep in touch and build interaction better when they aren’t home through video calls. With horrendous videos and tales about children left in the custody of nannies from hell, nanny cams have been introduced for some of these mums.

With these babies born into a digital era, technology has become a source of learning and entertainment to children. As such, children need direction and guidance.

Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important

Bill Gates

What other stories would you love to share on These Generation of Mums and Tech? Please share in the comment section.

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