Facebook opens application for her $10,000,000 Community Leadership Program


Today, Mark Zuckerberg announced the launch of Facebook’s first-ever Community Leadership Program. This was unveiled at the Communities Summit event in London this week.

The goal is to find people who are using Facebook-owned social media platforms (that is; Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger) “to bring people closer together”, the company’s mission statement.

Zuck posted on his infamous Facebook account where he is followed by over 102 million people that they’ll pick up to 5 leaders around the world and give them up to $1 million to fund their ideas on how to strengthening their communities. “We’ll invite 100 leaders to be part of our fellowship program that includes training, mentorship, and up to $50,000 for a specific initiative”, he added.

For instance, there is a hypothesis that every Whatsapp User belongs to at least one group, so empowering Group Admins, as they are so-called, as FB agents could contribute to FB’s attempt to curtail the wide-spread misinformation, controversial, harmful and hateful speeches being propagated on their platforms.

Group Admins could initiate campaigns that look to address those touchy subjects, with a focus on impact people within their own circle, that is, their members. Such initiatives could involve education and re-orientation drives/campaigns and could most-like leverage FB’s Ad platform to gain more reach and top-of-mind-awareness.

Facebook Groups in Nigeria and Africa should have a sit at the table

In Africa, there are over 160 million Facebook subscribers and users Nigeria in Nigeria are in the top 3 with an estimated 16,000,000 as at last count (although, the number should have gone up by now assuming a positive growth trajectory).

Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that if Leaders of popular Facebook-owned groups applied to the Leadership Program, they’ll be given more consideration. Because I believe representation from all around the world would be key (even as FB looks to create a separate group for Admins of one of some of the most influential groups).

How does this apply to you?

You can participate by either applying as a Group Admin or by nominating others on this site.

As they’re “looking for community leaders across the Facebook family of apps and services with a proven track record of leading communities that have a positive impact, build common ground and foster in-person connections”, [emphasis mine] according to their website. And those three attributes should help guide your nominations.

What are some of the popular influential FB Groups in Nigeria and Africa?

Let’s know in the comment section.


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