FEATURED: Sokoto State Promoting SMEs With SMEs Development Agency


    Who says you can’t enjoy the life of an entrepreneur as a corper? Don’t fall for those lies people, NYSC service isn’t just for serving your country alone, you can take full advantage of the opportunity of being in a different state if you can simply birth the initiative.

    Right here in Sokoto, a corp member single handedly put together a successfully Fashion and Dance Exhibition, The youths clamor for a share of a biz talk initiative brought TEDx to Sokoto for the first time ( Sadly enough, I couldn’t attend ).

    So, here I was, laying in my hotel bed at around past 11am, I haven’t had breakfast and was hungry but I was craving junks instead. Decided to step out to quench my thirst. Going downstairs I stumbled upon Sokoto’s SMEs mini trade zone initiative happening right under my nose without any idea of its happening.

    SMEs trade zone initiative!!

    Nothing extra special about that you will say.

    But here’s the question I asked myself when I saw them at the hotel, Why a hotel?

    SMEs Trade Zones are usually done in outdoor open areas or show rooms but right at a hotel? You never saw that coming; Neither did.

    So what’s the idea behind having a mini trade zone at a hotel? I’ve being at this hotel for almost a month to know that this is one of the top hotels in Sokoto state, ranked among the top 3 if not the top 2 ( Ooh, yes I’m lodged here in-case you forgot *tongue out).

    Dignitaries from within and outside of the state and even foreigners come here to lodge whenever they are in town. Over the one month period, several conferences and events have being held here, one notable one being the UNICEF conference recently held.

    Holding the states SMEs at the hotel; given the permission, was only a wise choice considering the class and grade of visitors patronizing the hotel on a regular basis. Whoever conceived the idea should definitely be applauded; intentional or not. This was taking the marketing straight to the big guns without an invitation; right in their faces you’ll say.

    The result of this is not the wide customer patronage that you will see in most open ground trade zone, nah! Outcome was less patronage higher purchasing power. What you’ll usually see in most trade zone is wide number of people trooping in but fewer people purchasing with a weaker purchasing power. Some even pricing below your production cost.

    I was on hand to witness the purchasing power of people who patronized this SMEs ranging from top dignitaries to military personnel to wives of high ranked individuals.

    More can be done, but this is definitely a good tick point for Sokoto in promoting SMEs and Naija made products. Thumbs up to the Governor also, his excellency RT. HON. Aminu Waziri Tambuwal for his efforts early this year in getting the Bank of Industry (BoI) to sign a partnership deal to fund the state’s MSMEs with N2Billion.


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