Globacom clarifies controversial appointment termination exercise


Telecoms giant, Globacom, has described the viral news that it sacked female employees due to their gender and marital status as fake.

According to the operator, the widely circulating document was forged, adding that it did not issue the letter to anyone. It however acknowledged that it had terminated the appointment of several employees in recent times but the terminations were due to the performance of the affected employees.

“Globacom has in the recent past let go of employees, both male and female, married and single, due to performance issues. It is not true that this was restricted to married women alone,” Globacom stated.

“The letter in circulation is a forged document. Globacom has not issued any such letter to anyone. Globacom upholds gender equality irrespective of marital status and promotes equal opportunities for the growth and personal development of all staffs.”

According to news reports, a total of 90 Globacom workers were sacked and TechCity gathered the affected workers were with Glo Friendship Centres across the country.

The workers were served with appointment termination letters on March 9 – a development which led to speculations that the women affected in the purge were sacked for being married.

“The truth is that people were sacked. Men, women, married and unmarried were sacked. There are many reasons for all those things. But, when people say only unmarried women were affected, I don’t understand where that is coming from,” a Globacom official told Premium Times

“As I speak, there are so many married women in the company. There were cases where men were removed and replaced with women in some sensitive positions.

“People who claimed they were removed because they were married did not say what they did to deserve that.”

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