Google has appealed EU’s $5 billion fine on Android


On Tuesday, Google filed an appeal of the European Commission’s nearly $5 billion fine after a regulatory body decided that the Alphabet Inc. company was knowingly violating antitrust laws, the company confirmed to The Verge.

The European Commission accused Google of abusing its market dominance over its Android operating system by bundling together products like Google search and Chrome apps, and paying other mobile manufacturers to include Google search as a default.

In July, Google said it would file an appeal, The Wall Street Journal reported it wasn’t filed until yesterday Tuesday. The initial decision gave Google 90 days to end the anti-competitive behaviors in order to continue offering the Google Play Store on devices. The appeal was filed only days before that period was set to end.

It’s the second major fine the company has faced from the EU’s antitrust body. The first came last summer when regulators alleged that Google was ranking its own shopping services higher than those of its competitors in search results. Google faced a $2.7 billion fine from the commission as a response to that behavior.


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