Harvard Business School’s New Venture welcomes Nigerian Startup, Publiseer

Publiseer, a free digital publishing platform for Nigerian authors and artists has been announced as one of the 14 finalists of the 2018 Harvard Business School’s New Venture Competition, taking place in Boston, MA, United States, on March 2, 2018.
The Africa Business Club at Harvard Business School will be hosting the competition to showcase the diversity of entrepreneurs making a difference on the continent today. The competition will be held along with the 20th Africa Business Conference under the theme “Values And Value-Chains: Africa In A New Global Era”.
From the pool of applications, 14 finalists have been invited to pitch their business in front of approximately 700 attendees and receive feedback from a panel of experienced judges. The judges include Samuel Alemayehu of Cambridge Industries, Steven Koltai of Koltai & Company, and Josh Sandler of Lori Systems. The winner and the runner-up of the competition will be awarded cash prices of $10,000 and $5,000 respectively.
Publiseer and other finalists will have the opportunity to participate in the Startup Lab, a workshop for early-stage entrepreneurs to solicit advice from conference participants. Conference participants and Harvard Business School faculty and students with experience in strategy, operations, finance, and other relevant business fields will be recruited to engage with the entrepreneurs and help them ideate and solve their problems.

More about Publiseer

Publiseer is a digital publishing platform for independent Nigerian authors and artistes. The platform distributes and monetizes the creative works of Nigerian writers and musicians worldwide. They only recently launched in Q4 2017 and have grown to over 130 writers and musicians under Publiseer, Publiseer is arguably one of the largest independent digital publishers in Africa.

What makes them different?

Unlike other digital publishers like BookBaby and CDBaby, they do not charge to publish the work of creatives but instead, make money from a cut of revenue generated.

In a chat with Chidi Nwaogu, he is reported to have said this:

Many people in Nigeria live under a dollar per day and they cannot afford to publish their works. Usually, these works are breathtaking and these people are talented, but their talent wastes away because they don’t have the money to publish…Publiseer wants to give them their first step so that all they can worry about is getting their work marketed. And they don’t lose money marketing because their work is everywhere for everyone who is interested in it to purchase a copy.

How it works it 4 steps

Here is how Publiseer works in 4 quick steps.

  1. An author or artist sends their work via a Google form (link through their website).
  2. They review the submission. Thereby, accepting or declining a submission.
  3. If they accept, they would contact the author or artist who sent the work to them, notifying them of their decision.
  4. Then, they proceed to provide what they term “the best publishing experience possible” which usually involves product fine-tuning at no charge.
They do not contact authors/artists whose work they reject. However, their rule of thumb is that, if an applicant (the person who sent the work) does not hear back from them within 5 working days, then it means they are not accepting the work.
Featured image: 2018 Africa Business Conference Co-chairs Afua Ahwoi & Aminata Ly.


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