Have You Heard Of Tuneskit DRM Media Converter For Windows? The Tool That Converts Any iTunes M4V


Let me introduce you to this new DRM media converter “Tuneskit DRM Media Converter For Windows” that has got me hooked.

This is most especially for my iTunes users.

For years now, apple products has being known to be strictly exclusive with its content, with the FairPlay rights. You can’t share, transfer or send their contents to any other devices that isn’t their product. Even for the ones you succeed in sending, you end up not being able to play them.

They can be that annoying! I’m a witness. What more is this, after paying to purchase contents such as movies, songs or e-books from their iTunes store you still don’t have the right to share to other device what you already paid for, which rightful makes it yours. They’re that exclusive.

What if i get a new device that’s not an apple product? I can’t go through the stress of downloading this contents all over again, even if it’s free. WELL, THEY SIMPLE DON’T CARE, and this is due to the DRM (Digital Rights Management) encryption they have in place to prevent the piracy of their media contents.

This kind of scenarios has really pissed me off and pushed me to the limit, which lead to me doing a research on free iTunes video DRM removal for Windows.

I’ve done my research around seeking a solution for DRM Media Converter for Windows and for the best iTunes video DRM removal for Windows for a while now and I’ve confidently settled for Tuneskit DRM Media Converter For Windows, and my reasons are simply because of it’s functions.

TunesKit DRM Media Converter is a smart iTunes DRM removal software that is used to convert multiple iTunes videos (in protected .m4v format) and songs in just minutes, and the output quality is exactly the same as the original file.

Functions of Tuneskit DRM Media Converter for Windows:

  1. Remove iTunes DRM at 30x faster speed.
  2. Losslessly remove DRM from iTunes movies and TV shows to multiple non-Apple devices.
  3. Best and fastest DRM M4V to MP4 converter.
  4. Keep AC3 5.1 Doby surround sound, AAC stereo tracks, AD, CC, subtitles, etc.

Finally a way out for every iTunes users If you want to watch your iTunes movies on non-Apple devices, TunesKit is by far the easiest way to remove DRM from any video and convert any DRM iTunes M4V.

With TunesKit windows DRM Media Converter you are able to not only remove DRM control from iTunes M4V rentals and purchases, but also convert iTunes movies to various video formats, such as MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, MPEG, WMV, etc.

What more is that you can get to download the needed tools for free!!

Here is a step by step user guide;

First of all, download and install the free trial version of this smart iTunes M4V Converter on your computer. DOWNLOAD 

STEP 1: Import iTunes M4V Videos to TunesKit

Firstly, launch TunesKit DRM Media Converter for Windows and click the “Add Files” button to import the iTunes M4V movies or TV shows you want to convert to other formats. Then from the pop-up window, choose the videos and click “OK” button to load them into TunesKit conversion window. Or you can directly drag the iTunes movies from your iTunes media folder to the converter.

Note: One important thing you should pay attention to before everything started is that the original movies could play well in iTunes. Otherwise TunesKit won’t work proplery. So please confirm you authorized the iTunes with Apple account you used for the purchase in advance.

STEP 2: Adjust Output Settings

Once you add the iTunes movies into TunesKit DRM M4V Converter for Windows, you are allowed to select the output audio tracks and subtitles as you like. You can choose to keep all audio or no audio or any track you want. Then click “Format” panel to choose output format as Lossless MP4 or Lossless M4V. It’s all up to you.

STEP 3: Start to Convert iTunes M4V to MP4

When everything is set OK, you can begin to remove DRM from the iTunes movies and convert the M4V files to DRM-free M4V or MP4 losslessly by clicking “Convert” button at the bottom right of the converter. Wait for a while and you’ll get the unprotected iTunes movies and TV shows to play on any device as you desire.

Visit Tuneskit website to get it now.


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