How To Choose Your Wedding Vendors Using INSTAGRAM


Social media is a great tool for planning a wedding! And we at Nigerian Wedding are here to show you How To Choose Your Wedding Vendors Using INSTAGRAM!

Whether you’re engaged or helping a friend choose wedding vendors on Instagram, we have some useful tips to help guide you in choosing not just the popular vendors but the vendor that’s right for you and what you intend to achieve with your wedding.  Instagram is a great tool that many business are using to share their business. It gives you a pass to the behind the scenes process and the heart behind of any business.  All you’ve got to do is follow your favourite vendors, and doing this gives you a more behind the scenes look at the vendors you are thinking about using for your wedding, you get to see, experience their real “selling” voice with how they interact through their posts.



Follow wedding blogs

A lot of blogs Like @NigerianWedding post photos of wedding professionals on their pages, day in, day out. From following these blogs, you’d get to see the works of vendors you may like, hence following them too.


Once you Follow, your feed will be packed with gorgeous images of your favourite wedding blogs, makeup artists, photographers, florist, party planners, dress designers, and more. Once you follow any of these vendors, Instagram will automatically suggest similar pages in explore, that way you get to see more vendors with endless inspiration you can compare and finally contact.


Search common wedding hashtags

Hashtags are the best things that can ever happen to a bride planning her wedding! There’s an hashtag for any and everything you can ever think of! And searching using common wedding hashtags, increases the amount of vendors you can actually find in a particular category.

How To Choose Your Wedding Vendors Using INSTAGRAM


Looking through hashtags like #NigerianWedding #NigerianMUA, #Asoebi, #NigerianWeddingPhotographer and any thing else you feel like will give you a totally new feed of inspiration and potential vendors to use for your big day. To find local vendors and ideas, try searching tags that are tailored to your area like #LekkiMUA or #LagosBaker.


Save your favourite photos

Now that you’re following your favourite wedding vendors on INSTAGRAM. If you see a photo you like, don’t forget to double tap and save it! This way, Instagram will get a sense of the types of photos you like. Plus, you’d be able to find those photos you like later when you need it! if you click on the read #4 for a hack to find those photos later.

How To Choose Your Wedding Vendors Using INSTAGRAMHow To Choose Your Wedding Vendors Using INSTAGRAM

Ask friends & family for opinions

Wedding planning should be fun, so tag away! Tag your friends in photos to share inspiration, and ask for their opinion about a vendor you like and intend to use. If you see something you want to share publicly with a friend, or even all your maids, tag them in a comment (they’ll receive a notification).



How To Choose Your Wedding Vendors Using INSTAGRAM


See a dress you think your ‘maids will love? Tag ’em! See a bouquet you’re dying for your florist to recreate? Tag ’em and get their opinion, it’s very important. Why, you ask? Once your friends know you’re interested in a particular vendor, they’d pay more attention and look out for you too, the Nigerian community on Instagram is pretty tight, so if the vendor you like is top notch, they’d know and if not, they’d know too.


Testimonials/ Feedbacks

You’ve found the perfect vendor that speaks to your heart, their work is perfect and you can judge based on their posts, their customer service may be great too? Well, don’t be too eager to book yet, look out for testimonials and feedbacks. A lot of vendors now share testimonials on their pages, look out for them, how many have you seen? Are past clients leaving feedbacks on the page, go through their posts? Reach out to some of their past clients, ask for their honest opinion, it’s important! These days, word of mouth sells faster and these businesses know it too. Don’t get too carried away by the beautiful images, customer service and mode of operation is priority! Book a vendor that will give you peace of mind.


Send a message to request price/quotes

Finally you’ve shortlisted a few vendors you like. Send them a direct message, email or call, get their prices/quotes and compare price, service, quality, presentation and make your decision. That’s easy! Remember, do not choose a vendor under pressure to feel among! A popular vendor doesn’t equal to an excellent service.


Do you have any tips to add to this? Please comment below. We hope that you find these tips on How To Choose Your Wedding Vendors Using INSTAGRAM helpful? Remain inspired!

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