Iya Ibeji Series- The Bargainer In Every Woman..


Ever been shopping with your mum?

My mum can “price” for Africa, Kai.
Growing up my dad and brothers used to detest going to the market with her. 
When everyone had refused to follow her to the market she would drag me along.I really didn’t have a choice in the matter because according to her I was a woman and one day I will be like her.I used to reject it ”mumsie I can never price like you”.My mum can price so much that the sellers will be looking like they want to cry, then I will start felling sorry for them, some times I will almost dash them money but my mum will be like ”don’t look at their faces they are just pretending”.Because of the great bargainer that she is (yes she still is) we always avoid telling her the prices of stuff we buy. 
For example if my dad decides to play romance the way knows and he buys meat home, the first thing my mum does is to ask how.DAD: see the goat meat I bought use it to prepare stew.MUM: How much did you buy it (she even forgets to say thank you first )DAD: 2000naira (I’m sure he even reduces the price to please her)MUM(Eyes shoots out) 2000 naira for this small thing. The one I bought yesterday was 900 and it filled up the bucket.She would go on and on about how my dad was cheated and how he should have given her the money instead. I don’t like when she does this and I have told her to stop, my dad and siblings don’t like it either and they have told her, but she can’t help herself. She is the great bargainer.So because I don’t want to be experiencing same thing as my dad, whenever she asks me for prices of stuff I buy I divide by 4 or 6.One day I bought a spaghetti top for 2500, when she asked me I told her it was 500. She said it was fine but I should have priced more and that she is pretty sure they would have sold it for 300 naira after all its just shimi (don’t know the spelling for that, she meant singlet)Having been a very good girl for like a month my mum decided to surprise me. She went to a shop to price shimi and was told 3k, she priced 200 naira the man laughed and said 2500, after a while the man told her 2000 naira last. (That’s like 500 naira cheaper than mine). My mum insisted she would pay 350 naira last. Of course the man didn’t sell and he abused her and my mum responded.She came back home and told me she saw that top I bought but because she was an old woman they wanted to cheat her. And she told me what transpired. She said she was ready to buy 3 for me for 1k.I was like eyah don’t mind them, they wanted to cheat you. Oya give me the 1k let me buy myself, did she give me the money? You guessed right she didn’t.So does anyone have a mum like mine or is my mum the greatest bargainer ever liveth.


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