KFB’s heart-to-heart: “I mistakenly credited a Lady’s account twice, how can I recover my money from her?”


From Nairaland:
“I offer quickteller and agent banking services. A customer made a cash deposit, but during the transfer from my account to hers, there was network issue and i got a failure notice from my mobile app. I tried again and it was successful.

Latter i realised both transactions were succesful. I called her and she called the recipients who complained she is in hospital as at the time. So she gave me the number of the recipient to call her myself.
I did call her, and she told me she was still at the hospital, and though she acknowledged the double transfer, but her health comes first.
I sympathize with her situation and gave her time. I also prayed for her recovery (pls don’t think it’s because of the money, I’m a Christian).
After a week i called again and thankfully she has recovered, but she was harsh on me. She complained that was not the first time someone posted money wrongly to her account. And finally ask me to remove the money if i have a way of doing so.
I went to the bank to lodge the complain only to realise she has withdrawn all the money. She doesn’t even use the account frequently and the address is very far from the East. Infact, she is at Illorin.
I thought of getting a court order as adviced against the account. But then the amount is small, just 30,000. Don’t want to think about how much I’ll begin to spend with a lawyer in a bid to recover that amount.
My bank also wanted to… (don’t even know how they called that) to her account. But money doesn’t even come frequently to the account.
I have thought of threatening her, but i have already given her the impression I’m a Christian.
Just thinking on how best to recover my small money without having to spend more than it.
I have also thought of letting go. But each time i do, i think of the amount as too big to dash a criminal. Besides, she said it wasn’t the first time. Probably she went away with others, and if she go away with this too, she’ll continue and encourage others to do same.
So please what do i do in this case, considering the fact that I’m at the east, and she west.”


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