Lagos targets $10m ICT revenue from KITE project


The government of Lagos state has launched its Knowledge, Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship (KITE) initiative through which it aims to build a conducive environment for the emergence of a strong technology industry.

The initiative which is a public-private partnership is a set of recommendations on eight critical areas of market and demand access, infrastructure, regulation and governance policies, talent development, skills and education; research and development, networking and collaboration, consulting, marketing.

Through the KITE project, the Lagos state government wants to turn the region into a hub for innovation and technology investment in Nigeria, and support for the country’s economic growth. 

It has planned the design and construction of a world-class technology park for which land of 30 000 square meters has already been acquired in the Yaba region by the Government of Lagos.

From this global investment in the Lagos ICT ecosystem, Lagos State hopes to generate more than US $ 10 million in revenue over the next few years.

Hakeem Fahm,  Lagos State Science and Technology Commissioner, said the governance of the KITE project has been broken down into four levels of oversight to ensure its success. It is a project steering committee, an industry advisory committee, a project delivery team and a team of technical advisors.


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