Too Late For The Junction – 1 of 2


Berger junction I said as the taxi I flagged down stopped beside me. You get change? I asked the driver, and he nodded in the affirmative. Good afternoon I said to the other passengers in the taxi. I looked at the lady before me, about to tell her to please adjust when I noticed we were four at the front and one in front. I only boarded taxi’s that carried 3 at the back but, too late I was already sitter and in my rush, I had failed to take note. I had no choice but to manage the little space that was accorded me.

I took a better look at the faces in the taxi; it was a habit I picked up a long time ago. I figured, no matter how short my journey was or is, it was always of grave importance to at least be able to identify even if, just a face among the other passengers. At the far end of my left, by the door, a young man in his middle 20’s sat. Next, was a woman carrying a child about a year or two and beside me sat a young lady.

About 10 minutes into the drive, the lady with the child de-boarded leaving the young man in front, the one by the door, the lady beside me, and I. The lady beside fiddled with her phone continuously, giggling and sighing dramatically at intervals. I figured she was probably chatting. Seated comfortably now, I was able to see properly the activities of the driver. I was weary of any Mode of transport these days where I wasn’t the one at the wheels thanks to the numerous stories of kidnap, rape and all sorts and so I watched everyone in the car like a hawk. As much as I could though, considering I had just 2 eye balls to work with.

I was just about to settle better into my seat, when I noticed a very subtle communication pass between the 3 guys. It was nothing more than a look and a nod but it was something. Where they seemed not acquainted in any form, why the look and the nod? While my mind puzzled over this, I took note of the taxi’s increase in speed and the driver as he pulled out a bitter kola from his pocket and began to nibble. This was most probably a coincidence but the thought of laughing at myself later on for acting so naive, seemed so much better to me than taking a chance.

I stole a look at the lady beside me, maybe she had noticed too, how the air in the taxi seemed different, but she was so focused on her phone, she probably won’t even notice if there was an explosion. Another very suspicious glance of the driver to the guy beside him was my cue.

“Bus stop!” I said, but nothing happened. He didn’t hear, I thought to myself.

“Bus stop!!” I repeated more than a notch higher, still nothing happened.

I had heard these stories, but I was different. This cannot be what I think it is…


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