Let’s Talk About Campaign Ads, Damage Control, Creativity Confinement, Nigeria Commercials and Nike


A couple of days ago I was at Ikeja GRA for an interview for a digital marketing role and one of the interviewer asked me, “What do you think about the Nigeria digital industry?” In regards to campaigns and commercial, my response was simple “BORING” and I’ll tell you exactly why, same reasons I gave him (even though I was being a bit shaky giving them this explanation, the spotlight of question and answer doesn’t go down well with me, most especially with interviews)…

Creativity is freedom of expression and risk taking, instincts and ideas application, which is what campaigns and commercials offer you, the ability to market your goods and service infusing all/some of this, but here in Nigeria we’re super conscious of the freedom of expression & risk taking and why’s that, because virtually every Digital Marketing Unit in organizations don’t make provision for the damage control team. We’re used to living in the box and playing by the rules but the truth is, creativity has no rule..nope, it doesn’t. 

80% of all commercials and campaigns in Nigeria are recycled campaigns that has being put out by fellow Nigerian brands and the sad thing is 55% don’t even do it better than people who started it, we’re used to a cliché kind of creativity, thinking there are campaigns specific to industry. 

Brands/organizations need to stand up, take the risk and be ready for the win or ready to see their damage control team prove their worth, either way it’s a win win. No Risk, No Reward. 

Take Nike for example, Nike rolled out their Kaepernick Campaign and there was fear of this affecting Nike sales because of Kaepernick’s NFL suspension and controversies in standing for what he believed in, Nike saw the bigger picture “Just Do It. Stand for what you believe in, stand for yourself even when people think you’re being stupid. When people think your dreams are un-attainable, Just Do It.”

Guess what, Nike online sales increased by 31% after the campaign. 

I think it’s high time Nigeria brands/organization start thinking out of the box when it comes to commercials & campaigns and also make room for a damage control team.

By Paul Adewumi


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