More trouble for IPOB as members demand account of funds contributed for group

Members of separatist organisation IPOB have alleged that their leaders have misappropriated funds they contributed as more troubles beset the already embattled group.

US mobilization officer of the group Candy Stallworth raised the alarm on Monday, October 2 that funds of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) are not being properly used.

Stallworth demanded to know what happened to the regular contributions of members who are not being taken care of after being arrested by security agencies.
According to her, she makes whopping monthly contributions to IPOB’s activities.

Candy’s accusations received some backing from others like:

But some other people disagree with Candy. They say she is only trying to destroy the Biafra struggle with accusations that could poison minds of supporters.

Others feel the matter should simply not be discussed on social media


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