My Husband Got Our Neighbor Pregnant, They Are Both Begging Me


My Husband Got Our Neighbor Pregnant, They Are Both Begging Me

A Nigerian woman has cried for help on social media as her neighbor-turned-sister has gotten pregnant for her husband.

According to her post, drama ensued after she came back from celebrating Easter with her parents, only to find her husband in the neighbor’s house.
The naked neighbor however sparked her rage as she went on to reveal that she was pregnant for her husband.
Read the story below:
When we moved recently to our place, this woman(our neighbour) should be in her late 40s and unmarried and she is our only neighbour. She was so good to me. I would even leave my kids with her whenever I need to rush off to the market or somewhere.I lost my job around May last year and my husband has promised to give me money to set up a business but for now, I’m mostly home. This neighbour has a shop not too far from our house, I would sometimes go there when I’m bored and the kids have gone to school. I thought she was a good person and didn’t know she has been sleeping with my husband and now she’s pregnant.I got to know when I travelled to my parents at Ibadan for the Easter celebration. We were suppose to come back on Tuesday but my sister also came for the holiday and she came with a car, so we decided to travel a day before so we could join her back to Lagos. I didn’t tell my husband we were coming back because I wanted to surprise him. We got to Lagos and my Sister dropped us at our gate and left. I called my hubby from the gate and he said he was home trying to sleep. He didn’t know we were at the gate.I got in opened the door with my keys and we looked for him everywhere all to no avail. So, I started unpacking and told my kids to wait for me because I wanted to check if our neighbour was home and give her what I got for her. I was about to talk when I heard her talking to someone. I was excited because it was a man’s voice because I always teased her about already giving up on love. I listened again and behold it was my husband’s voice. I didn’t really feel strange because we are all close to her but something told me to turn the door-knob without knocking and luckily it opened.Aunty was just sitting on my husband with only her bra on, no panties nothing. I launched at both of them, but my husband escaped and I beat day light out her and she was begging me to stop that she is pregnant. I ignored and continued beating her until my husband came back and rescued her.They both confirmed that she’s pregnant. She says its the only thing she wants and not love, that I should please forgive her and let her have a child because she might never have the opportunity.Please, what do I do??

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