National conference on farmers/Fulani herdsmen crisis holds tomorrow


The Federal Government has said it will hold a national conference tomorrow as part of efforts to provide sustainable solution to the lingering crisis between farmers and the herdsmen.

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Chief Audu Ogbeh at a news briefing at the weekend in Abuja said the planned stakeholders’ conference was to transform the nation’s livestock industry.

He said the crisis has led to loss of lives, destruction of properties as well as crops, adding that there was need for pastoralists to embrace modern cattle breeding methods to foster better productivity, increase profit and put a stop to the reoccurring conflicts.

Ogbeh said: “Nasty articles and hate speeches won’t solve our problems. There is no point spoiling the atmosphere with toxic thought and violent opinions. We will all pay for it down the road. It’s about talking sensibly what did we do? How did we get here and why was livestock neglected? That’s what we will be discussing on Tuesday.

“We are going to discuss issues that affect livestock and about 450 grazing reserves that existed before, which have vanished and grazing routes that existed. Abuja was a route before. Meat preservation and availability will be discussed and at the end of the programme, I am assuring you that all the problems will have been solved such that our neighbouring countries will tap from the success achieved.”


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