New Series Alert!!! “Tech As We Know It”


Think you’re not techie? Think again.

“Tech As We Know It” is a new series that presents technology in an easily digestible manner to readers as well as engages them in the TechCity brand mantra: “For People Who Use Tech and Vice-Versa”. Yep, there are always two ways to these things.

It stems from the fact that most people are disinclined about reading tech but enjoy it when presented in relatable form or language akin to business news.

 Tech As We Know It presents another edge.

A lot of people are on social media to find interesting reads that would afford them the opportunity to appreciate life happenings in seemingly mundane things and experiences they may otherwise overlook.

It may also be to distract them from their albeit temporary present situations; giving room to contributors such as Instagram comedians and savages on Twitter.

Tech As We Know It hopes to be a blend of it all in using technology as a powerful tool and hinged on the core factors of Engaging audience whilst still Relaying information through relatable tech experiences. Fusing present tech scenarios with memorable ones from the past.

There would be the infusion of memes, GIFS and toned down sarcasm in creating a more relatable read.

On the name…

The name Tech As We Know It connotes the relatable use of technology just as we understand and experience it in Nigeria and not exactly uber versions we read.

In other words, technology as we see and understand it or know it to be in our daily lives as tech users.

Since everyone is a user of tech without most times realizing it, we aim to reach out better to the Nigerian audience by developing tech stories and features associated with them.

Tech As We Know It launches this WEEK!

Watch out!



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