Nigerian chef calls out Shoprite, Jabi, Abuja, for selling expired cheese (Video)


A Nigerian chef, Taylor Tamod, based in Abuja, has called out Shorite, Jabi, Abuja for selling his expired cheese!Sharing the photos and video on Instagram, Taylor wrote:Picked up some groceries last night from @Shoprite jabi for breakfast including some Chicken patties and Cheese. I was about making a sandwich this morning and something said check the CHEESE ! I was so shocked! It’s been EXPIRED for over a MONTH! What kind of gross NEGLIGENCE is this! I can only Imagine the amount of HEALTH RISK other products left unchecked can cause! Please be careful when SHOPPING! Brands need to be held responsible for their actions! Hit play below and swipe leftA post shared by Taylor (@taylaw_tamod) on Sep 16, 2017 at 2:00am PDTIf this is true, One really needs to be careful with what be buy these days!


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