Nigerian Wedding: Undecided About Your Wedding Colours? Check Out Over 80+ Nigerian Wedding Colour Scheme Ideas


Okay, so since it’s now officially Summer, the wedding season is also in full swing, that means it’s 100% totally okay for us to start talking and dreaming about wedding colour schemes and wedding themes, right? Today, we are super excited to share with you all, some of our wedding colour combinations from last year, just so you’ll know, that we are working on some really beautiful, vibrant wedding colour combinations… stay tuned!

Yellow Wedding Colour Schemes:

Blue Wedding Colour Schemes:

Pink Wedding Colour Schemes:

Purple Wedding Colour Schemes:

Orange Wedding Colour Schemes:

Red Wedding Colour Schemes

Coral Wedding Colour Schemes

Green Wedding Colour Schemes

Gold Wedding Colour Schemes

Brown Wedding Colour Schemes:

Peach Wedding Colour Schemes

Damask Wedding Colour Schemes:

Grey Wedding Colour Schemes

Have a Colour in mind? Can’t find it here? Let us help you put them together….choose 2-3 colours and write them in the comment box below. If we haven’t done that combination before, we’ll surely try out best to do so in our next wedding colour schemes update…..stay inspired!

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