Nine Features to love on the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9


Samsung never cease to amaze as a new device has been added to the line up of Note Series. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 launched on the ongoing legacy for groundbreaking innovations is rolled out to deliver all-day performance, with a new S pen that features connectivity and a better intelligent camera.

The new device comes in two colors; the Ocean blue and Lavender Purple. Okay, so we are left to wonder why black color is absent.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 promises so much great quality that it took quite the time to organize what to write  but these are nine features to look out for excitedly:

  1. All Day Battery: Galaxy Note 9 features a 4,000mAh battery that gives you long-lasting power to use all day. You can talk, text, play games, and watch movies endlessly so users never get bored and if you are a Nigerian, staying in traffic is leisure.
  2. More Storage Option: There are two variants available on the Galaxy Note 9. You can choose from the 128GB or 512GB internal memory. Both are expandable with an SD Card, ready for a total of 1TB so you don’t have to wake up one morning and find yourself parting with your favourite photos, videos or apps.
  3. Speed and Power: Galaxy Note 9 is super powerful smartphone with cutting-edge 10nm processor and support for the fastest network speeds available in the market (up to 1.2 gigabits per second), so you can stream and download without slowing down. Galaxy Note9 also includes a Samsung developed Water Carbon Cooling system to prevent the phone from heating up and an on-device AI-based performance adjusting algorithm to deliver powerful yet stable performance.
  4. The S Pen is the signature feature of the Note series. The pen is no longer just a tool for drawing and writing, it now functions as a remote control. With a click, users can now take selfies, group pictures, present slides, pause and play music, and more with the Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) support. The S Pen gives an entirely new way to use the Note and charges in the phone in just under a minute. Developers are hoping to integrate the S Pen’s new, advanced BLE functionalities into the apps later this year.
  5. Scene Optimizer: The Galaxy Note 9 camera uses intelligence to identify elements of a photo, such as scene and subject, to automatically classify it into one of 20 categories. It then optimizes saturation, white balance, brightness and contrast based on the category. The result is a stunning, lifelike image with bold colors and dynamic definition.
  6. Flaw Detection: We don’t always get things right on the first shot, but Galaxy Note 9 lets you know if there’s something wrong, so you can take another picture before you lose the moment. You’ll get an immediate notification if the image is blurry, if the subject blinked, if there is a smudge on the lens or if there is backlight impacting the quality of the image.
  7. Premium Camera: With the unique combination of advanced intelligence features and premium hardware, the Galaxy Note 9 camera is the best in the smartphone market. It comes with advanced noise reduction technology, and a dual aperture lens, which adjusts to light just like the human eye. No matter the lighting conditions, the Galaxy Note 9 top-tier camera delivers a crystal clear shot.
  8. Display: Galaxy Note 9 has the largest edge-to-edge display ever on a Note. The 6.4-inch Super AMOLED infinity display provides a truly immersive multimedia experience. The Galaxy Note 9 infinity display is complemented by stereo speakers, which are tuned by AKG and have the ability to support Dolby Atmos. YouTube named Galaxy Note 9 as a Signature Device able to deliver a best-in-class YouTube experience.
  9.  DeX solution: With the Galaxy Note 9; you can work on presentations, edit photos, and play games just like you would on a PC, all powered by your phone. Experience DeX with easy-to-carry HDMI adapters. When connected to a monitor, Galaxy Note 9 powers a virtualized desktop and even serves as a second screen. Take notes with the S Pen while watching a video, or use Galaxy Note9 as a trackpad, to right-click, drag and drop, and use multiple windows on a monitor.

Other amazing features includes; the fast wireless charging, IP68 water and dust resistance, Samsung services such as Samsung Health and Samsung Pay. For security; Galaxy Note 9 features Samsung’s trusted, defense-grade Knox security platform and biometric security options.

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