Olu Oyinsan joins Ingressive Capital as VP, Investments


Olu “Oluwaseun” Oyinsan, assumes the role of VP, Investments at Ingressive Capital where he leads due diligence and supports deal origination across Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA).

Before joining Ingressive, Olu had worked as a commercial banker in Guaranty Trust Bank Limited (UK). Also, he was a Consultant at Forrester, a global market research firm and a Relationship Advisor at Silicon Valley Bank, Greater Boston Area, USA.

Olu Oyinsan

He holds an MBA from Hult International Business School, Boston in Finance and Strategy and is looking to channel his formal training and experience in building the future of new-age African startups solving scalable problems.

Ingressive led by Maya Horgan-Famodu, an ecosystem architect, is easily known as the company that brought top global accelerators and investors to explore the startup scene in the region. The likes of YCombinator, GitHub, Intuit and 500 startups have visited Lagos through Ingressive and have had the opportunity to meet and fund some Nigerian startups like Paystack, OMG Digital, and Flutterwave.

Therefore, Ingressive Capital (IC), is their attempt to become an active player in the funding rounds of these promising startups. As opposed to just being an orchestrator of funding where they connect investors with startups.

In order to do this Olu Oyinsan brings his background in Finance and teams up with Maya, Founder of Ingressive to analyse potential funding opportunities (in this case, startups).Jeremy, Jason, Maya and one other executive.

IC has mobilised a silicon valley backed-fund and is targetting early stage companies on the continent with key markets in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and South-Africa, in no particular order.

Typically, they fund companies at the seed, post-seed, and pre-Series A stage with amounts ranging from USD50,000 to USD150,000.

Currently, they have in their portfolio Paystack (a YC-backed startup), and Tizeti (the company Facebook partnered with to improve WiFi access in Nigeria) and are looking for more suitable investments.

Olu is happy to chat and receive pitches from credible startups and Founders. For a chance to join the ranks of Paystack and Tizeti, reach out to Olu[at]ingressive[dot]co.

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