Only God could have done this! He preserved my life from the attack of a wild beast.


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Only the living can praise the Lord God Almighty,  the Creator of Heavens and earth.

I am alive today because God kept me. HE preserved my life from the attack of a wild beast.
   I was in the room with my two year old baby. It was in the late evening around after 10pm. The whole room was in total darkness as there was no supply of electricity in the community that time.
   I was sitting on the carpet when  I felt something bite me on my leg.
There was no rat in my room. That  I knew. What then could it have been ? 
I put  on  the touch light  in my phone only to find a snake coiled and on the attack position 
I could only shout Jesus,Jesus. I did not know how the boldness came. I jumped outside
How could it have entered into the room? 
How long could I have been living with it without knowing.
I was still shouting the name Jesus, when co-neighbours rushed out to ask and to attend to me.
They were wondering what could have made me be shouting at that hour of the day.
On learning of the presence of such beast they all determined to  kill it that night.
Thank God for the gift of good neighbours.
They decided for my good.
They found it and killed it.
I was told if not for the name of Jesus I would have been seriously attacked.
The name of Jesus rescued me 
Jesus is Lord forever more. AMEN


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