Only God could have done this! My wife, on the day of her delivery, labored for eight hours

Only God could have done this! My wife, on the day of her delivery, labored for eight hours

For the newbies, the KFB Only God Could Have Done This series, is an inspirational column that lets readers send in their testimonies of how God has been faithful to restore and rekindle hope in others.
God is great.
HE is a mighty Deliverer Who goes before His people to set them free.
My wife, on the day of her delivery, laboured for eight hours and still there was no improvement.
This must need Divine intervention. I therefore made a call to my Pastor’s wife – A woman of God too who is also full of the Holy Spirit.
She declared my wife would deliver safely.
I trusted God by His Word that we should believe His prophet and we shall be established
And truly, the baby came safely.
The midwife attending to her was not there when this happened.
But to our amazement, when she came around she was furious, asking her why she should put to bed in her absence.
Please, what offence had we committed?
A medical personnel that was to wait on a woman under a hard labor in a big hospital !
As if we had not known the battles we were into.
But God was there with us. HE was not sleeping. His eyes were on everyone and everything.
The midwife left my wife in her condition without attending to her -after-delivery period.
By the time the doctor came, my wife was bleeding profusely.
Every attempt to manage it failed.
She was to be transferred to another specialist hospital.
There was no fuel in the hospital vehicle.
Devil was a liar.
I bought my car out,and put the ignition key on the ignition, no life!
My wife and child must not die, I muttered to myself
God could use anything to save and to deliver.
HE used flying insects to drive from before the Israelites their enemies who had weapons.
In the ensued confusion, I slotted a disc of worship songs; to the Lord Almighty.
As it was playing, the car came on.
And another doctor came in to the hospital.
To cut the story short, my wife did not need to go to any hospital.
Her case received Divine solution.
For every stage, the Lord drove away the enemy who was blocking her progress in child delivery.
Thank God, today , the baby and the mother are alive hale and hearty to the praise of the Lord


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