Photos of Imo State Chief Who Addresses The Public With Ladies Who Expose Their B*obs Have Gone Viral!

Chief Francis Nwaneri

Paramount Chief Francis Nwaneri was given the mandate to unite all Africans and to protect the African culture and heritage.

Against this backdrop, he foundered the South West African Forum, SWAF, with branches all over Africa and a vision to bring all Africans together, promoting ideals of love and peace and to resist Western intimidations. Six years ago supported the work of Christ by creating the organization, Gospel Music Association of Africa, registered as Glorious Voice of Africa, in which several Gospel singers in Africa were promoted.
Chief Francis Kelechi Nwaneri is happily married and blessed with six children.
But something still looks weird! Chief Francis is always surrounded with ladies who expose their breast! Young women going topless while the Price adresses in public.
Cgief Francis is reportedly the Prince of Mboku kingdom in Ihiagwa, Imo state!

Chief Francis Nwaneri

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