Privately Begged after Public Slammed-TBoss Mocks Follower


Privately Begged after Public Slammed-TBoss Mocks Follower

Privately Begged after Public Slammed-TBoss Mocks Follower

Privately Begged after Public Slammed-TBoss Mocks Follower

TBOSS, Who disclose on instagram that she has time for retards coming her way on both facets, called out a follower who slammed her publicly over the royal wedding ceremony post she made, but came to her inbox secretly to beg.
Tboss had found out on instagram some days ago that she needed she attended the marriage. She shared a photograph of the royal couple on her instagram web page and captioned it;“i’d have given any and the whole lot to be at the #royalwedding of harry & meghan markle …all of the same- what a lovely love tale. Even the weather is according with them… dear lord, may also i additionally locate such #truelove”

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However a follower @[email protected]_dee who couldn’t understand the obsession with the royal wedding, said with the way TBoss took the royal wedding brouhaha, she won’t be settling down anytime soon.

Here’s what he wrote below;
What’s with you people and the royal wedding, you guys are not even being recognised for posting….pray to God you will have yours….buh at this rate of yours don’t think it will be anytime soon
Replying him, TBoss wrote;

At this rate of mine?? What rate do you speak about? Please kindly explain. Thanks

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However today, TBoss took to her Instalive to share a screenshot of the DM she got from the follower who claimed he meant no harm. According to him, saying ‘at this rate’ was all because he hasn’t heard that TBoss is dating anyone or being proposed to. He concluded his apology by saying he meant no harm.
TBoss on her own part, said everyone needs to stop ‘poking their noses where it doesn’t concern them’. According to her, you cannot publicly insult her and then come privately to apologize. Here’s what she shared below;


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