How dads; Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and more handled their kids’ smartphone addiction


If you thought it was only your parents who didn’t allow you to watch TV past bed time or who ensured that you kept your smartphone off at night, you couldn’t be more wrong. Even Steve Jobs and Bill Gates did it, according to reports.

Understanding Smartphone Addiction.

The smartphone revolution has surely brought the world at our fingertips with everything just a click away. It is a getaway for learning different things from space technology to how to deposit money into your Betway account.

In case you were wondering how the tech giants of silicon valley treat their smart phone fixation of their children, you will be glad to know, they do limit their screen time.

Among the parents voicing for limited technology consumption by the kids are the likes of Steve Jobs,co-founder, Apple Inc, Bill Gates,co-founder, Microsoft, Mark Cuban, tech billionaire and even Tim Cook, CEO, Apple Inc.

Why It Is Important to Keep Your Smartphone Addiction in Check?

Dinner table conversations have always been a thing in the Job household, where discussions about books, history and everything under the stars was carried out over dinner. The stern rule was to never pull out a cell phone, an iPad or a computer.

How do the Stalwarts Go About Managing their Children?

Bill Gates limits the screen time his youngest Gates before going to bed and made sure none of his children owned cell phones until they were teenagers. He also doesn’t allow the usage of phones during a meal.

Mark Cuban, on the other hand, is stealthier with his way. He makes her daughter turn in her post at 10pm on weekdays and 11pm on weekends.

In case the children have friends over, he still manages their screen time by using a management software. He checks the apps their phones use and can shut off their activity by means of a router. Sneaky,but safe.

He even struck a deal with his son to not watch Minecraft videos and watch math videos instead. He made him do math problems in exchange of earning the time to watch Minecraft videos.

Time Cook, the CEO of Apple Inc does not have a child, but a 13 year old nephew on screen time rules.  He is strict about preventing children from being on social media and has been outspoken about the issue.

Why is it Important?

Now, smartphones do offer a lot of benefits so why should you focus on restricting your children to have access to it?

The use of tech by kids has risen steeply. Studies have shown that comprehension powers of kids can be hindered by usage of too much technology.

Negative physical effects such as obesity, laziness are common among kids and young adults for the lack of physical activities. Long hours of screen time can even be psychologically difficult and setting limits for children, or even for oneself, can boost distressing.


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