So, You Hate Writing Essays: What to Do?


    5 Writing Strategies for Those Who Hate Writing
    For many college students, writing isn’t the most exciting experience, especially when the subject of the essay, research paper or any other assignment isn’t something they can pick themselves. Moreover, even students who seem to enjoy writing their essays, feel stuck when writing a 15-page paper on cholera pandemics in the 19th century Europe. Writing is tough, and always requires a lot of your time and efforts. To add more, it is the requirement to accomplish every other assignment fast and in accordance with the set of instructions that turns the whole process into a pain. Fortunately, here are some simple tips that will help you love writing a bit more.

    Have a Plan A, B and Z
    One of the things that make any writing assignment more difficult and painful is the lack of proper planning. Remember, how many times have you been in the middle of the writing process and realized you couldn’t move on? By planning and organizing your thought and ideas before you actually type them, you make sure nothing’s going to stand in your way when you work on your paper.

    Forgive Yourself for Making Mistakes
    Flaws, mistakes and weaknesses are part of who we are. When writing the first draft for your essay, do not expect it to be perfect and never try to make it free from errors! Just put down all the ideas you’ve got on a given topic and eliminate mistakes tomorrow during the proofreading. The number one task is to accomplish a solid draft to ensure your project won’t look cheap.

    Use Your Own Style
    Before college students become confident of their writing quality, they tend to use a certain false voice whenever they write a book report or a term paper. Nothing can be worse than using fake voice, even if your voice isn’t acceptable or professional enough! As long as your assignment makes sense grammatically and comprises no slang issues. Just make certain to write exactly how you talk! You shouldn’t try to write as if you’re Emily Brontë or Edgar Allan Poe since the best voice for your paper is your unique tone.

    Get Some Quick Help
    Writing a college essay or a research paper may be quite daunting; however, it’s important to keep in mind that you’re not alone with your trouble. There are many online resources, where friendly and skilled experts are at your service willing to help you. All you need to do is to choose the right custom writing company and approach it with your request. When you finally catch yourself thinking, “This site definitely has professionals, who can write my paper right!”, choose a writer who has a relevant educational background to help you with your writing problem.

    Creativity Mode On
    Remember that you are not required to simply repeat what your tutor said in the assignment. You might believe your college professor won’t accept other viewpoints, but that is not true! Instructors are tired of reading the same papers every day. So, your task is to present your topic in different light to have more fun in the process.

    Yes, you can do it! Don’t panic, when you’re assigned with the essay writing task. Even the most famous writers weren’t born this way – all of them were beginners once. With a bit of effort, inspiration and practice, you’ll be able to string together a great essay even if the muse doesn’t strike!


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